Parma 2009

2009 Parma

Presentatie Maquette Parma Vera

Ontwerp: Jo Coenen & Co.

Schaal: 1:200

Parmavera block S12, Parma, Italia

design-competition 2006-2014 in collaboration with local architect Giorgio Goffi

client: Impresa Pizzarotti & Co and ING Real Estate Development Italy (until 2011)
In the master plan for the ex-industrial area of Rossi & Catelli, drawn by Jo Coenen in collaboration with Giorgio Goffi, different blocks are developed by the same team. The master plan foresees a description of architecture in order to keep the area optical collected. 

This block is under construction since 2011, it contains commercial spaces on ground floor and office units on the other 4 floors. The architecture, finishing up in a diamante angle will be sprinkling along the access route to the city centre of Parma. The office spaces will enjoy the extra external spaces created within the building volume.